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Entrepreneurship Essentials Seminar

In this workshop we introduce the concept of entrepreneurship to potential and existing entrepreneurs. From the birds’ eye view of the notion of entrepreneurship within a country’s economic context; to the comparative levels of entrepreneurship in both developing and western economies to the role entrepreneurs play in a business environment. We will look specifically at:

      • The notion of entrepreneurship as an economic factor of production
      • The definition of entrepreneurship and its applications
      • Role model entrepreneurs and the impact of their businesses on economic activity
      • Main characteristics of a typical entrepreneurs
      • General attributes of a successful entrepreneur
      • The do’s and don’ts of setting up a business
Runs on Saturday 17th September 9.00am to 12.30pm
Cost: only 10,000 Ush per participant

The Business Plan Writing Course

The step by step guide on how to develop a successful Business Plan. If you already have a business idea and need to conceptualize it to seek funding from banks, partners or other investors, then this training course is for you!

The business plan enables you to reflect on key aspects of your business. You will cover areas such as how to develop your operational strategy, how to market your product, the financing aspects of your business, develop your cashflows and budget forecasts.

3 sessions - runs 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm 27,29,30 September 2011
Cost: 100,000 Ush per participant

to brush up on your accounting skills and financial management join our

Basic Finance for Business

In this course we look at the compilation of basic financial statements from profit and loss, balance sheets and cashflows. We help you prepare your cashflow forecasts and analyze the key ratios that will indicate the performance of your business

Runs 12, 14, 16 September 2011 3 half day courses - afternoons
Cost: 45,000 Ush per person

Business Marketing

Need marketing skills? then join our this course.
In this course we will cover the areas of marketing your business, advertising, pricing policy and how to stay above the competition!

2-day course Cost 40,000 Sh per person
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