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On Saturday 20th April 2013, several members of the FinAfrica’s E-Club were hosted by Mr. Alan Kajura and Ms Regina Nakayenga both inspirational entrepreneurs and members of the E-Club.
Allan is the founder of True Icon, an internet and business data services centre. True Icon offers internet services, printing, photocopying and on-line gaming services. Allan took us through how he built his business from scratch to it’s current success. He started from a small back room but has seem moved into a bigger and more professional premises

He has also diversified his service offering taking advantage of the internet to offer his clients other services such as URA online filing. He has also gone into the on-line gaming businesses which is one of the fastest growing in the tech sector.

His vision of having a one-stop business and data centre is progressively being realized.

Regina is proof that you don’t have to leave home or need huge amounts of capital to start your business. She has managed to run a successful business at home producing bottled juice, wine and other beverages. Rene beverages produces natural passion fruit juice through a simple process that involves scrubbing the passion fruits which are then crashed by a machine and later boiled with no additives added.

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